Pulse Live Art is an extraordinarily unique and mesmerizing art performance show incorporating speed-painting, choreography, music, and philanthropy.  The Pulse Live Art entertainment experience is unparalleled with the dynamic energy shared between a group of passionate artists.  The artists can paint solo or in tandem to transform a blank canvas within minutes to energizing music. The result is a beautiful work of art. 


Amy Burkman

Amy Burkman is a professional muralist, multi-media artist, animal lover, philanthropist,  cancer survivor, seasoned live art entertainer and creator of Pulse Live Art. Her extensive art background includes works on industrial-scale murals, acrylic paint-on-canvas, street paintings, and faux finish.

As a commissioned artist, Amy maintains a comprehensive portfolio that includes personal portraits, pet portraits, landscape and realism pieces, as well as caricatures and abstract imagery. Although she takes pride in her personal artwork, commissioned pieces, and live art performances, above all she strives to utilize her creative passions to help others. Her travels to West Africa have inspired her to start the program "Educate Through Art" through which she completed numerous educational murals for the Senegalese and Malian communities with a focus on nutrition, pre- and post-natal health care, and various health-related topics.  In addition to the successful implementation of Educate Through Art, she witnessed first-hand the magnificence of sub-Saharan African fauna and developed a sincere appreciation and respect for the animals of the region. Upon her return home and inspired by her experiences abroad, she began performing speed art in support of endangered species. As a result, she has performed various educational and conservation-based speed paintings domestically, and internationally for audiences in Mexico, China and West Africa. Through her love of travel and philanthropy, she continues to seek opportunities to apply her knowledge, artistic abilities and interest in aiding the global conservation effort.  Dedicating her creative energy to charitable causes fulfills her passion for humanitarian work, animal relief efforts, environmental conservation and education through creative communication.